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Original Equipment Manufactured Parts


Herb’s Paint & Body in the Dallas Metroplex is now utilizing OEM, original equipment manufactured parts (sheet metal and structural), for all repairs. Herb’s has made a business decision to go all OEM parts so we can return your vehicle to its original, safe pre-accident condition. Quality, safety and customer satisfaction are our primary goals in the repair of your vehicle. This supports our Vision of “making an unpleasant experience…a pleasant one since 1956.”

Right for the Customers

OEM Parts Only

You do have the right to choose where to get your vehicle repaired and how your car gets repaired. Herb’s Paint & Body is making that decision easier by electing to use all OEM parts for all sheet metal and structural parts. This will assure our customers are getting the best repair while returning your vehicle to its original, safe pre-accident condition. All aftermarket or imitation parts are not created equal — but all OEM parts are. You paid a lot for your vehicle, and you want to keep the original quality that was built into it by its manufacturer. Herb’s Paint & Body is the only body shop in the DFW metroplex utilizing only OEM body parts on all repairs.

Right for Our Employees

By using all OEM parts, our technicians will be able to repair your car more efficiently and effectively. Not all aftermarket parts have the same fit and finish as OEM parts, so slowdowns in the repair can be eliminated leading to a faster, safer and smarter repair for your vehicle. We feel this will also make our technicians happier and less frustrated by eliminating redoes because of poor fit and finish from aftermarket parts. By utilizing only OEM body parts. Herb’s has increased efficiency and customer satisfaction by returning your car with a perfect fit and finish. We have also removed the possibility of any aftermarket parts failure in a future collision. OEM parts without a doubt increase the accuracy of our repairs.

Right for Our Insurance Partners

Herb’s Paint & Body is also committed to our insurance partners. By using all OEM parts in our repairs, we are providing our insurance partners with a more efficient and effective repair while keeping the cost at the same levels as if using aftermarket parts prices. So, who wouldn’t want their car repaired with OEM parts while keeping the cost down for our insurance partners? This will allow Herb’s to remain a leader in our industry like we have been over the past 60 years.

Choose Herb’s Paint & Body! Family-owned and operated since 1956!

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