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Herb’s cares for the environment. In 2008, all of our shops adopted waterborne paint systems, an innovation that made us the first multi-shop operation spraying waterborne in Dallas. So, what does that mean for you, our trusted customer? This paint system eliminates over 70% of volatile organic compounds (also known as VOC’s) from entering the atmosphere. That means one major switch by our company significantly improves the quality of the Dallas air we breathe. It also significantly reduces our carbon footprint by cutting back on the amount of Greenhouse Gases emitted. Over a five year period, one body shop using waterborne paint systems can reduce its Greenhouse Gas emissions by around a ton! So, breathe easy knowing that Herb’s will do its part to keep our environment and the quality of our air clean. After all, we live in the same neighborhoods and breathe the same air. Why wouldn’t Herb’s care?