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Dallas Traffic & Tips for Driving in Heavy Traffic


According to 2017 statistics, the Dallas Metroplex has the 10th-worst traffic in the country. Plagued by heavy traffic during rush hour and construction between the Big D and the suburbs, commuting and getting to events downtown is a nightmare. While new corridors have helped ease congestion by 9 percent since last year, it’s still a problem that Dallasites face daily. However, you don’t have to stress every time you get behind the wheel. Use these tips to help you combat the worst of Dallas traffic.

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Use Apps

If you haven’t harnessed the power of traffic apps, you’re missing out on a vital component of beating heavy traffic. While you may be familiar with Google Maps, Mapquest, or Apple Maps, don’t limit yourself to just these apps. Traffic apps such as Waze and INRIX use crowdsourcing to gather real-time information about traffic conditions. This allows you to choose the proper route to your destination, as you’re one step ahead of the radio or other apps when it comes to stalled vehicles, accidents, or new construction.

These apps also help you discover new ways to get to work or other events. When you take the same route routinely, it can become a bit mechanical. However, with new routes, you can explore new parts of Dallas, shave minutes off your ride, and even spark creativity and innovation

Don’t Forget That Blinker

Forgetting or refusing to use your turn signal is one of the worst things you can do in heavy traffic. Other motorists have no idea of your intentions, and it can also lead to an accident or road rage. Although you should avoid weaving in and out of traffic, you may have to merge or switch lanes to get to your exit. When that happens, always use your blinker to avoid a precarious situation. Not only is it a courteous thing to do, but it’s also Texas state law.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving is the leading cause of accidents and fatalities in car accidents across the United States, and the statistics are staggering. Nine people die and 1,000 are injured each day as a result of distracted driving, making it a public safety crisis. In heavy traffic, this problem increases drastically. While distracted driving may cause a small accident here and there, it can cause mayhem when you’re approaching stopped traffic.

When you’re on your phone or distracted by texts or the radio, you can’t give your undivided attention to the road. This can cause pileups and deadly accidents that can affect you and others for a lifetime. If possible, lock your phone in the glove compartment and use steering wheel-mounted controls for entertainment and communication.

Apple has introduced a safe driving mode for the iPhone for the first time in iOS 11. The feature prevents owners from receiving messages and calls when driving and lets their contacts know they’re occupied. Called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”, the safety addition will be added to all phones running iOS 11Police and road safety advocates have welcomed this new mode, which they say could help prevent accidents caused people being distracted when driving.

Armed with these tips, you can safely navigate your way on I-35 or the Woodall Rodgers Freeway without the stress, rage, and torment that afflicted you before. Despite these measures, you may find yourself the victim of a fender bender. That’s when you should contact the professionals at Herb’s Paint & Body. Our complete auto collision repair services will have your car looking as good as new. You may not control the traffic, but at least you’ll look great while sitting in it.

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